Word search puzzles with reading help

A fun way to learn a new languageTM 
Flip Book (Spanish & English)
ISBN-13: 978-1598009477

Say & Learn ® Word search puzzles with reading help
 is a didactic flip book that uses a unique learning method which involves practicing the pronunciation of words
in Spanish and English, with the help of phonetic transcriptions and finding words in word search puzzles. 

After you pronounce many times the word and find it in the puzzle, you must then correctly identify the pictures at the bottom of the page using the new vocabulary.

You play with Say & Learn ® flip book using a variety of skills at the same time. While searching for words and learning proper spelling, you are also learning accurate pronunciation and matching pictures with words that describe them.

During the last decades, experts in language learning have highlighted the importance of the association of image, sound and text for the assimilation of ideas and word meanings. Language and Cognition by Professor Catherine Caldwell-Harris (Boston University, USA) and Cognitive process in second language learning by Professor Vivian Cook (Newcastle University, United Kingdom) are two well known studies about cognitive associations and language learning.

Based on these and other communication principles, Say & Learn ® Word search was created to offer an enjoyable way to learn and practice Spanish and English, giving you an optimal path to help your brain make quick associations and language learning. In addition, the words used for the puzzles are also strategically grouped into useful topics and life skills which allow you to easily choose from subjects such as the family, the school, the library, the bank, the mall, the job safety, the symptoms, the body, etc. With this wide variety of practical topics, the Say & Learn® puzzles can be a helpful educational tool for students (kids, adults, seniors), and a handy resource for the practice of new vocabulary.  


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Bilingual, functional and didactic

The first half of this flip book is in English, for Spanish learning. The second part is in Spanish, for English learning. Therefore, Say & Learn ® Word search puzzles with reading help can also be considered as a dual resource for students and teachers of Spanish or English.

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Instead of getting bored passing lines or crossing words on other puzzles, now with Say & Learn ® flip book you can do something much better. While you play, you also can learn the meaning and pronunciation of many helpful Spanish (or English) words, and practice your new vocabulary.

When choosing a word to search, you just have to continuously repeat aloud the reading help of the term. Once you find it on the puzzle and circle it, then you write the word under a picture to practice the meaning of what you have learned. Easy and fun! Right? What you do not realize is that when you follow all of these steps in order, you are using the same pattern of many language learning instructors: Getting vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation, reading, writing and making association of images with meaning. Amazingly, all these things can happen when you correctly use Say & Learn ® Word search puzzles with reading help.


Audio Word Search Puzzles
Didatic and interactive games to learn and practice Spanish/English vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation and reading.

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The Say & Learn ® Audio Word Search Puzzles™ represent another innovative resource for language learning that combine the listening and repetition of terms during the word search and the association of images with vocabulary. These didactic games facilitate the transition of the student to a higher level of practicing and learning. With a frequent interaction of terms in both languages and the repetition of the pronunciation, plus the finding of their correct spelling, the student makes associations with the images and reaffirms the learning of the language.

All the Say & Learn ® Audio Word Search Puzzles™ are included in the eBook collection La Visita Médica - The Medical Visit™. For more details click or tap on eBooks.

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