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La Visita Médica - The Medical Visit™
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Since 2005, Say & Learn ® produces bilingual (English/Spanish) printed and digital tools (Flip books, eBooks, digital games, apps, videos, interfaces and intranet pages) to make easier the process of language learning for everyone. Today, students of many levels same as professionals of various fields are adopting Say & Learn ® tools to practice Spanish (or English) using words, phrases and expressions that help them to have a smoother communication with relatives, friends, employees, customers, patients and other people around them.

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Nowadays at many doctor offices, labs and medical centers in the USA, it is more important every day to learn words and expressions in Spanish (and in English, for Hispanic people) to avoid situations of miscommunication, wrong interpretation and undesired consequences, specially when hospital employees need to talk to patients about personal information or when healthcare professionals need to describe diagnoses, exams, or diets and doses of prescribed medications.

If you are a healthcare professional or work in the medical field you know how crucial is to establish a clear and polite communication with patients. We have created for you La Visita Médica - The Medical Visit™, a collection of bilingual interactive eBooks, quizzes and puzzles that can be opened in almost any computer, cell phone or mobile device and comes with audio files that are synchronized with highlighting and animated graphics to make much easier your Spanish learning experience. La Visita Médica - The Medical Visit™ contains hundreds of essential expressions and words that are frequently used at work with Spanish speaking patients.

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Puzzles with reading help

For those who prefer puzzles, we have Say & Learn ® Word search puzzles with reading help. This printed option uses a unique learning method which involves practicing the pronunciation of words in Spanish and English, with the help of phonetic transcriptions and finding words in word search puzzles. With this flip book you can get easy association of images, sound and text for the assimilation of ideas and word meanings. For more information, click or tap on the image below.

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