Since 2005, Say & Learn ® produces printed and digital didactic tools (In English and Spanish) such as innovative flip books, interactive cross-platform eBooksdidactic games and quizzesappssafety training videos, business workshops, medical forms and intranet sites to simplify the learning and facilitate the communication among speakers of these two languages.

Nowadays many students, teachers and other professionals in the USA and Latin America (Puerto Rico, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and other countries) use our products and services for different tasks at schools, hospitals, churches and numerous work fields to obtain, practice and reaffirm the knowledge of specific Spanish (or English) words, phrases and expressions helpful on daily activities.

As a result, people who only speak English -or Spanish- can learn how to frequently use new terms from the other language. They have a clearer pronunciation, can understand others and are understood easily, thanks to our strategically focused content.

Say & Learn ® solutions are always rich in cognitive association of pictures, images, text, sound repetition and writing exercises to facilitate the language learning process. To check some samples of the work we have done, click/tap on any of the links above. 


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Tell us when and where you need in Spanish customized forms, POP, B2B elements, or bilingual projects for your business or daily activities. Our choices to deliver your message in Spanish will help you to expand the scope of your business here and abroad. From USA, we are ready to create your customized bilingual (English/Spanish) content, training and promotional material to be used here and in other countries.

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