La Visita Médica - The Medical Visit™

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La Visita Médica - The Medical Visit™ is a Say & Learn ® collection of bilingual (English/Spanish) interactive eBooks and Quizzes that allow you to quickly learn and practice words, phrases and expressions of frequent use during your daily work at medical offices, laboratories and health care centers.

Through last decades, the accelerated growth of Hispanic population in the USA [US Census Bureau] has led to a greater demand for bilingual (English/Spanish) professionals, especially at industries like health care, education, construction and others. You probably are aware of this fact and have witnessed how useful it is to speak these two languages at work, today and for the years to come.

Likewise from the 21 countries where Spanish is the official language, many Hispanics have extended their family branches not only to the USA but to all over the world alongside with their cultural aspects, believes and traditions.

Based on proven methods of cognitive association of images, text reading and word repetition, La Visita Médica - The Medical Visit™  contains hundreds of animated audio files synchronized with words, phrases and image highlighting that you can play and repeat many times as you need. This is a totally bilingual collection of eBooks where you can just click or tap on "ENGLISH" at any page and all the content (text, graphics, animations and audio) will instantly change to English. If you want to go back to Spanish content, you just click or tap once on "ESPAÑOL".

Smoother communication

The highlighting of anatomy graphics in La Visita Médica - The Medical Visit™ are a great resource to communicate with Spanish speaking patients. You will enjoy using the colorful digital images to explain easily to your patients the location of organs, systems and abnormalities in the human body. In addition, once you play the audio files on each page of La Visita Médica - The Medical Visit™  eBooks, you will realize how easy will be for you to understand and repeat -in the new language- basic commands and expressions when you greet or escort patients, take vital signs, withdraw blood, take EKG's, pass medicines, explain medication doses, side effects, etc.

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Almost any device

La Visita Médica - The Medical Visit™ cross-platform and interactive eBooks and Quizzes are compatible with almost any browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Explorer, Firefox, Opera) in desktops, laptops, tablets, and smatrhphones. You can easily play any of these user friendly language learning tools on almost any iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet, Mac or PC. No compatible with Amazon Kindle.
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For unlimited access to all our eBooks please check our subscription plans.

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